How to get a good deal on your next stay in a Boston hotel

How to get a good deal on your next stay in a Boston hotel

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, many of the best deals in the region have already been scooped up by other operators.

However, it may not be possible to book the same rooms as you would with a traditional hotel if the storm had hit earlier, according to hotel and travel agents. 

“In a lot of hotels, the best option is to go ahead and book at least two nights,” said Jon Daley, who manages the New England travel agency Destination Inn, which has a network of hotels in the Boston area. 

If there are no other hotel options nearby, he added, the cheapest option for the evening would be to stay in another city.

“There’s no point booking in a town or a city you’ve already seen or heard about,” Daley said. 

But if you’re in Boston, Daley suggests you make a decision.

“If you have a choice, go to the hotel,” he said.

“I would recommend going to the most desirable hotels in Boston.” 

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