What to eat at hotels in Shreveport

What to eat at hotels in Shreveport

A hotel’s owner is taking heat for charging guests $8.50 to eat on the premises.

But the owner of the North Beach Hotel in Shrewsbury, Virginia, says it’s not illegal and the money earned from the meal would be used to help the town’s homeless.

North Beach Hotel owner Tony Wojcik says he was shocked when his guests complained about the charge.

It’s a very difficult day to be a hotel owner in Shrevesville,” he said.

The restaurant, in the town of about 7,000, said it charges a $8 per person meal for meals and other services.

Wojcich said the money would go to the homeless, but the bill is paid by the guests who paid $8 or more.

Wajcik said his business, which is about 20 miles from the tourist-heavy South Beach Resort, pays a hotel room bill to the state every year.

But that doesn’t cover food costs, and he doesn’t know how much his restaurants annual rent will be.

The Shrevepere Police Department was called to Wojcink’s hotel last week after he complained to the city about a $4 per person charge to eat inside the restaurant.

Wazcic said the Shreve Springs Police Department will investigate.

Wojcic’s restaurant is not listed on the Shrewsburg Municipal website.