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The ‘biggest scam ever’ in hotels in Phoenix

The ‘biggest scam ever’ in hotels in Phoenix

A hotel in Phoenix, Arizona, has been accused of charging up to $4,000 a night to its guests for rooms, and a ’bout-of-towner’ claiming to be a hotel employee allegedly told guests to call a hotel number that wasn’t listed in their itinerary.

In an open letter posted on the Phoenix-based Travel and Leisure Association’s website, the hotel’s director of corporate communications, Jason Ladd, said that the company had received “a number of calls” from guests who were confused by the booking system.

“There is no reason to believe that these calls were fraudulent,” Mr Ladd wrote.

“We are aware that some guests may have been confused by our booking system, but this is not the case.”

The letter continued: “Our staff will now investigate these claims and take appropriate action, including removing the number from our booking platform.”

Mr Ladd said that some hotels had recently been reopening the booking systems, but it was still unclear if any guests were being charged by the hotel or were being redirected to the booking page from a legitimate hotel reservation.

According to the association’s website , Phoenix’s hotel industry had a total of 3,000 hotel rooms booked for the 2016-17 fiscal year.

Mr Niederman, a self-described ‘self-made millionaire’, has spent the past several years on the US$6 billion ($6.3 billion) real estate market, owning and managing an online hotel booking site and a real estate company called HotelCalifornia.

The company is owned by Mr Niedermeier’s father, who is also a major investor in real estate.

Mr Nieserman told The Independent in an interview last year that he did not set out to be an investor in the industry, but his father was a long-time member of a real-estate investment firm called the Conexus Group.

He told The New York Times that the business would ‘pay the bills’ for him.

Despite the complaints, Mr Nieerman told the newspaper that he was not seeking a personal fortune from the business, but was ‘doing it for myself’.

‘I want to pay the bills.

I want to be able to enjoy life in retirement,’ Mr Nierman said.

‘The money has been coming in for me, and the money will be spent.’

The real estate investment firm that owns said in a statement: ‘The information we have is accurate, we were the first to have it, and we are very excited to share it with the community.

We appreciate your feedback.

The information we are sharing is based on a single phone call with an individual who has verified the validity of this information.’

Last year, a complaint was lodged against HotelCaliornia, with claims that the hotel was charging $1,600 for a room in the Phoenix Convention Centre.

However, Mr Lapp, the company’s director, said the company was investigating the claims and had decided to pull the website and website ads from the site.

A representative from, which was listed on the hotel booking system as the hotel owner, told The Australian that it ‘did not know’ the company would be taken down.

It added that it did not have any affiliation with HotelCalia and did not ‘have any reason to suspect’ that the website had been taken down due to complaints.

One complaint was also lodged with the National Taxation Office, but the agency did not provide a response to the claims. was listed as the property manager for the Phoenix convention centre last year, and Mr Nienerman told Mr Niesterman’s company he had ‘not yet seen a negative assessment from the NTTA’ or the Tax Office.

There is also an ongoing investigation into the allegations.

Phoenix is home to some of the country’s largest real estate markets, with a population of more than 23 million.

Many of the most popular hotels in the city are also among the top ten for the number of nights booked each year.

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