Hotel Rates: Albuquerque to get up to $150 per night in downtown hotel

Hotel Rates: Albuquerque to get up to $150 per night in downtown hotel

FourFourtwo Las Vegas-based FourFour Two is reporting that Albuquerque, New Mexico will soon see the cost of a room drop from $175 per night to $160 per night.

The city will be offering discounted rates to Albuquerqueites on top of the city’s existing hotel rates for the coming weeks.

“This is a very exciting news for Albuquerque,” said Chris Lopiano, the city of Albuquerque’s general manager of public affairs.

“This will provide more options for the city, and it will be a benefit to residents and visitors.”

Lopiano said Albuquerque will be the first city in the United States to offer the citywide discounts, which he described as “a little bit of a first for us.”

“It’s a little bit more aggressive than we’re seeing in Las Vegas, and we’re happy to see it take off in Albuquerque,” Loplio said.

“We’ll continue to work with our partners to continue to bring more value to the market, but we’re excited about it.”

The Albuquerque Airport Authority (AA) said that hotel rooms in Albuquerque’s Downtown and Southwest International Bays will be available for a discounted rate of $120 per night starting Wednesday.

Lopio said the hotel rates will be offered for guests traveling from other states.

The hotel rates are a part of the Albuquerque Public Housing Authority (APHA) and the APHA will provide additional hotel room options in the future, Lopio added.APHA has offered discounted hotel rates in the past for the Downtown, Southwest and Southwest Bays, and the city has also been offering a discount for Albuquerqueites visiting Las Vegas.

The Albuquerque airport authority and APHA announced in October that Albuquerque would be the second city in Nevada to offer discounted rates for hotels.

Albuquerque will become the first with the option to stay at Albuquerque International Airport.

Loblaw Companies Inc., which owns Las Vegas Sands, is the sole provider of the New Mexico economy.

The company provides hotels, resorts, condominiums, office space and a number of other businesses to the state.

Loretta B. Johnson, president and CEO of the APHRA, said the new Albuquerque hotel offers an additional layer of choice to residents.

“We think the benefits to residents are going to be significant,” Johnson said.

“The hotel industry is seeing a tremendous demand for more room options, so we see the Albuquerque hotel as a step in that direction.”

Johnson added that Albuquerque has been working to provide its hotel rooms to the city through the APHQ’s Public Housing Program and will continue to do so as it works to reduce occupancy rates.

The Las Vegas company operates Las Vegas Convention Center hotels and has more than $20 billion in hotel and convention room revenues, according to its website.