The most expensive hotel in Australia: $4.7m hotel in Sydney’s CBD

The most expensive hotel in Australia: $4.7m hotel in Sydney’s CBD

A new report by property website Zaza has revealed the most expensive property in Sydney.

Zaza’s hotel list includes five Sydney-listed properties, including the iconic hotel Zaza, located on the corner of Kings Cross and Queen Street, which has been listed for sale for more than $4 million.

The listing was placed on Zaza’s website in April 2016 and was sold for $3.2 million.

Included in the list is the property at 11 South King Street, in the CBD, which sits between the CBD and the Central Business District.

The property, which features a pool, gym and private lounge, has a three-bedroom guest house, four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

It was listed on the Sydney property market for $2.2-million in January 2017.

The second-most expensive property on Zazaza’s list is at 16 South Street, a residential and commercial development located just a short distance from the CBD.

The development was listed for $1.9 million in February 2017.

While the list contains some luxury properties, the majority of the properties are in the lower end of Sydney’s property market, which is down to more than 25 per cent of listings on ZAZA’s website.ZAZA says it is aiming to double its listings by 2020.

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