‘We are all here’: The history of the cecilia hotel in Biloxi

‘We are all here’: The history of the cecilia hotel in Biloxi

On Tuesday, a new, long-term hotel in downtown Biloxie is opening in a part of town where residents have long complained of poor water quality.

The hotel is billed as the city’s first affordable, long term hotel and is being marketed as a “sustainable” option for Biloxis who often live in the city without running water.

“We are not just a hotel,” says Celine Lissett, executive director of the Biloxia County Water Authority.

It is going in the middle of the city.” “

This is the first long- term hotel that is going to be built here.

It is going in the middle of the city.”

Lissette says the city is not just looking for a new hotel, it is also looking for new housing, and the development could provide some housing options for Bilotis, who can be seen as one of the first generation of young people to move to Bilox, and has been since he was 13 years old.

Lisset says while the hotel will be affordable, it will have to compete with other options for residents, who will have limited options for what to do with the water they have, and which properties are in the same neighborhoods as the hotel.

“You are going to see a lot of new people who are going out of their way to go get a hotel, or to buy a hotel.

We are not going to have a room at a hotel because they have been running out of water,” she says.

Littie says it’s a shame that residents in the downtown area who are frustrated with the lack of water are being left behind.

“The people who have to pay for the water and the water is not being met,” she said.

“People are paying $10 a month for water.

I am a homeowner, so I am paying $1 a month to have water.

And then I have to wait for it to be treated, and it is not always treated.”

The Biloxian Council of Governments has been working to improve the quality of water in downtown and has put in place a water-treatment program.

Lisi says it will be up to the residents to make sure they are treated properly.

“I think they are going through a difficult time.

But we are going forward and we are not giving up,” she explained.

“As we go forward, I believe that we will make good progress.”