How to avoid getting the “F-word” at a Nashville hotel

“F” is the number of the “f-word,” a word that was once considered offensive in the United States.But according to the Nashville Hotel Association, Nashville hotels are now accepting the word without hesitation.The association says it’s time to let guests know it’s OK to say the word.“Our hotel industry has always been inclusive,” said Sarah Kline, the association’s vice president […]

The best of Airbnb for the budget traveler

In the last few years, Airbnb has become an increasingly popular way to book a home for a bit of the day, or just a few days a year.The company now claims to have more than 8,000 hosts in the US, making it the most popular travel platform among people under 35.But for those looking to rent a home, you […]

Clinton aide: Trump ‘not an angel’ in US elections

Clinton aide Huma Abedin on Tuesday defended former President Donald Trump’s performance in the 2016 election.“This guy’s not an angel.This guy’s a loser,” Abedin told CBS’s Face the Nation.”He was not elected president by the people.I mean, it was not a fair election.He had to go to the polls.He was a loser.And he’s not going to get a pass on […]

How to save $30k in taxes by booking a hotel in a metro area

If you’re considering a move to the Nashville metro area, you may have already made a big investment.You may even have saved $30,000 or more.It depends on where you’re headed.The Nashville Marriott Hotel in downtown Nashville, for example, is currently listed as having a room rate of $149 per night.That means that for a single room, you’d save $90,000.You can […]

How to create a new way to experience your city

Traveling to and from a place isn’t all about sightseeing and dining, but it is also a chance to make memories.We want to see and experience our cities and neighborhoods, to explore and connect with people, and to be surrounded by them.The next time you’re in a city, make sure you make it an unforgettable experience for yourself and your […]