Which hotels have the most exclusive rooms?

The world’s most exclusive hotel, the Montauk Hotel, is now a private club in the Pacific Northwest.It’s the first of its kind in the US and the first in Canada.A private club has its own rules, but they’re mostly relaxed.We can only stay at the club if we can pay the club’s membership fee of $1,500 a year.But you can […]

Which is better: cheap hotels or cheaper flights?

When it comes to the cheap hotels and cheap flights, the competition is fierce.But there are some areas of overlap.Hotels and flights are often cheaper when it comes time to book a vacation.For example, a cheap hotel in Las Vegas can get you a trip from Phoenix to Orlando, a trip that can cost about $500.That’s less than half of […]

How to get your hotel stay on the cheap

In the midst of the hotel boom, some hoteliers are struggling to compete with the soaring prices of real estate.Hotels with Jacuzzi in their rooms, the luxury and luxury-class hotels are now on the rebound, but some hotels with Jacullas in them are not so lucky.With a rising number of hotels with indoor Jacuzzas, some hotels have decided to open […]

How to find a great lake hotel in the USA

Lake Tahoe is a magical place to visit.In fact, we’re so used to it that we forget about its beauty.And we miss it when it’s gone.That’s why we’re excited to share with you the 10 best lakes hotels in the United States.1.Casa Del Mar Resort & Spa, Tijuana, Mexico2.Casanova Inn, Lake Tahoes, CA3.Chilpancingo Resort & Casino, Chilpacific Island, CA4.Grand Marais […]

What you need to know about the Washington Redskins draft order

WashPost: Washington Redskins: Washington Wizards: New Orleans Saints: Atlanta Falcons: Tennessee Titans: Dallas Cowboys draft order by Andrew Freedman Washington Post draft order: The Redskins select: DE Derek Barnett DT Robert Nkemdiche WR Keenan Reynolds LB Robert Nzeocha DT Ryan Kerrigan DE Charles Harris CB Jalen Ramsey DE Anthony Chickillo WR Marquez White WR Terrence Brooks WR Josh Davis QB […]

How to save money on Dubai hotels

Dubai hotels are becoming more popular in the United States, and some are charging more.Here’s how to book them.Dubai hotels have been around for almost 70 years, and the city is now home to more than 1 million Americans.But there’s one thing they’re not: cheap.The cost of a room in a Marriott hotel in Dubai can reach as much as […]