Dubai: Hotels in Dubai will not be affected by shutdown

Dubai: Hotels in Dubai will not be affected by shutdown

Dubai’s hotel industry, which employs nearly 7,000 people, is being hit by a shutdown as the city’s authorities and airlines announce they will not reopen until September at the earliest.

The hotels will be able to reopen by Wednesday, the Dubai Tourism Organisation (DTAO) said in a statement on Wednesday.

Dubai Tourism has estimated that up to 300,000 tourists are expected to visit the city during the shutdown.

Dubais hotel owners and operators have been negotiating a deal with the DTAO for several weeks, but the final agreement was expected to be reached in the coming days, the DTEO said.

It said that while the hotel operators will not lose any income, they may not be able open as scheduled until September.

The Dubai Tourism Organization (DTEO) has warned that hotel operators have not yet received any compensation from the government, and that the DBA could face sanctions if the government does not agree to the agreement.

The DTAOs statement said that the agreement was reached with the goal of resolving all disputes between the two sides and that both sides were aiming for a resolution of all outstanding issues.

Dubris government has yet to announce a timetable for the hotel shutdown.

In a statement, the government said it is working with all the relevant authorities to address the issue.

The government will also consult with the hotel owners on the possibility of extending the shutdown until a resolution can be reached, it said.