The best hotels in Melbourne and Bali: The cheapest hotels in Australia

The best hotels in Melbourne and Bali: The cheapest hotels in Australia

Updated July 09, 2018 11:06:53 The price of staying in a cheap hotel in Melbourne is about to rise dramatically.

The Federal Government is pushing for a $30 per night rate for hotel rooms in the cities of Melbourne, Bali and Darwin.

However, the Government has no idea how many hotel rooms are actually booked and there are also no plans to increase the price.

In Melbourne, hotels booked for the next two weeks are currently only available for a minimum of four nights, with a maximum of two nights available.

There are also a few rooms available for the minimum of two days.

The cheapest hotel in Australia is a 4,400 sq ft one bedroom on the west side of the CBD.

In Bali, a 4500 sq ft hotel on the western edge of the capital is priced at $27 per night.

It has two bathrooms, a full kitchen, a bathroom, shower and toilet facilities.

The most expensive hotel in Sydney is a 5,000 sq ft three-bedroom on the southern side of CBD.

It is priced from $29.95 per night to $39.95 for a maximum stay of three nights.

For Sydney, there are only three hotels on the market for a two-night stay.

There is also a 4200 sq ft guest house in the city centre, but only a minimum two nights are available.

The two most expensive hotels in Brisbane are a 5500 sqft apartment and a 4100 sq ft villa on the outskirts of Brisbane.

There was no mention of any rate changes in the Government’s budget, which was released on Wednesday.

“The Government has decided to raise the minimum stay for the hotel room from four to five nights in 2018 and is also introducing a new three-night minimum stay standard,” the budget document read.

“This will be in addition to the $10 minimum stay a month minimum price for all other types of accommodation.”

A government spokesman said the government was not planning any rate rises.

“These changes are expected to have a positive impact on the hospitality industry,” he said.

“It is expected that this will reduce hotel room costs, particularly in the first year, but there will be significant increases over time as hotel room occupancy rises.

This will also help to maintain our economy’s competitiveness in the long term.”

However, while the Government is looking to lower the minimum price of accommodation, it has no plans for a higher rate.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Finance said it was not commenting on future changes to the minimum cost of living.

“We are committed to working with the hospitality sector to ensure our hotels are competitive,” she said.

The Government has also announced a new two-year minimum price plan for accommodation in 2018.

It will cost the average hotel a minimum $2,300 a year to stay in the capital, but this will rise to $2.40 for three nights or $3.40 a night if the hotel is staying in Sydney.

The budget also says it will allow the Government to introduce a $2 per day surcharge for all property transactions.

However it is not clear what this means for hotel and property prices in the country’s largest city, Melbourne.