Which hotel is the glass-encased, $250,000 hotel?

Which hotel is the glass-encased, $250,000 hotel?

The glass-enclosed glass hotel that opened in Seattle last year was designed to be the epitome of luxury and luxury hotel style.

The building itself is designed to look like a modern, high-end hotel.

It was supposed to open this year.

Now it’s been sold for $1.7 million.

The hotel’s owners, the company that’s owned the property since 2013, were not thrilled.

The hotel is in a bad spot financially, and it will cost a lot to get the building back on the market, said John Hockaday, managing partner at the real estate firm.

Hockaway said the building will likely have to be demolished, but the owners are waiting for a better offer from a developer to reopen.

The building’s location in downtown Seattle was not the intention.

It’s a bit of a tourist attraction and a bit popular.

The owners were hoping that this will be the hotel’s new home.

But, in the end, they weren’t sold on the idea of turning the building into a luxury hotel.

They are hoping that the building could be used as a home base for the next project in the hotel line.

“The owners of the hotel are in this to make a profit and this will make a nice profit for them, and we hope to be able to keep that going,” Hockyard said.

The project has been a struggle for the hotel owners.

The developers have had to put up with several lawsuits and court orders.

Hockaday said the owners of this hotel have put the hotel on the road to bankruptcy.

He said that the owners have had their lease terminated and have had it foreclosed on several times.

The owner’s attorney told the Seattle Times that the hotel is worth over $1 billion.