When Will ‘Rivers’ and ‘Sawbones’ Come Back?

When Will ‘Rivers’ and ‘Sawbones’ Come Back?

By ESPN Crikey staff WriterOn a day when it seemed the world was still in shock over the news that the iconic, iconic “River of Light” hotel in Shanghai would be destroyed by fire, a new chapter in Shanghai’s history was beginning.

The iconic River of Light hotel in Shijiazhuang was destroyed by flames on Sunday morning.

The fire broke out at about 4:00am, when a small group of people started using a generator to power their lights in the hotel, according to the Beijing Municipal Fire Protection Bureau.

A number of people were also seen using their phones to illuminate their surroundings, with some even using a giant LED projector to light up the hotel.

At first, the blaze appeared to have started in a kitchen area, with flames quickly spreading to a balcony.

It was not immediately clear if the fire was related to a fire that broke out in a guesthouse on the hotel’s third floor.

The cause of the fire remains unclear.

A fire department official said it was still not clear what caused the blaze, but it was unlikely to be connected to the fires that destroyed other Shanghai landmarks in April, July and October.

But the hotel has been undergoing a major renovation, and the fire has led some hotel guests to speculate that the hotel might be undergoing a similar process.

“We can’t imagine how much the building would cost,” a hotel guest, who did not want to be named, told the AP news agency.

The River of Lights, a landmark hotel in the Chinese city of Shijizhuang, was destroyed in a fire on Sunday, May 25, 2019.

(Reuters)As the blaze spread to the balcony, the people who used the generator lit up the balcony and the hotel went up in flames, the official said.

The blaze broke out during a large group of guests, who were not part of the group that started the blaze.

The guests were apparently in the middle of lighting up the street when the fire started, and had no idea they were starting a fire.

A hotel manager said the fire had been extinguished before 3:00pm local time.

The river that flows through the hotel and was once the source of the hotel logo, is now known as the “Rivers of Light”.

The river was also known as “Tianqi” or “Pengtian” or just “river”.

It was built in the 1950s as part of a network of dams to irrigate the river in the western part of Shanghai.

The hotel has since been renovated.

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