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$1M for the first hotel underwater in Australia? That’s a lot of money

$1M for the first hotel underwater in Australia? That’s a lot of money

A new underwater hotel has been announced in the Queensland city of Coorparoo, where the price tag is expected to be $1 million.

The luxury hotel, dubbed the “Luxury City Hotel”, will be constructed on a 2.4-hectare (8-acre) site on the shore of the River Murray.

The hotel is expected be completed by 2020, but will be located in the River Bank, where it will be built on a different site.

It will have an entrance into the water, as well as a swimming pool.

The facility is expected “to be the most exclusive underwater hotel on the world’s oceans”, according to the website of the Royal Queensland University Hospital.

The site is situated near to the River Banks, where Queensland’s National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Queensland Tourism Council have been working to protect the site.

The new hotel will feature a spa, sauna, spa rooms and lounges.

In a press release, the hotel’s developer said it was the first to be developed by an underwater hotel in the world.

The development will be owned by the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, which is located in Cairns.

“The hotel is located on a beautiful, secluded site, with its own water, an excellent sauna and the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the river,” the press release said.

“This is a great addition to the site and we are confident it will become a vibrant part of the city and its environs.”

The project has been funded by the Queensland Government, and is the first underwater hotel to be built in the state.

The Royal Brisbane Hospital is part of Queensland’s State of Origin tour and is home to more than 30,000 people, including more than 10,000 Queensland Ambulance Ambulances, the Queensland Public Health Service and more than 200 emergency services.