The Renaissance Hotel in New York is the ‘Best’

The Renaissance Hotel in New York is the ‘Best’

The Renaissance hotel in New Jersey has been the best hotel in the country for a decade, but the hotel’s owner is leaving in December.

The hotel in Hoboken is in the midst of an ongoing renovation project that is expected to cost as much as $400 million, according to the New York Times.

The hotel was originally constructed in 1926 and is now owned by the city of Hoboken.

The owner, Paul E. Vassallo, has been in Hobington since 2000, according the Times.

He has been an owner and developer of hotels in the area for nearly two decades.

He said in a statement to the newspaper that he would leave the hotel in December after a year in Hobken.

“I am deeply grateful for the wonderful opportunity I have had to work here in Hobko,” he said.

“This project has been one of the most exciting in Hobokens history and I am grateful for all of the great people and the fantastic community that have been here for so long.”

Hoboken Mayor Peter J. DiCicco said in an email that he is looking forward to working with Vassalo and other local officials to build a new hotel.

“This hotel is one of a number of properties in Hobo County that will be part of a redevelopment plan for the City of Hobo,” he wrote.

“It is my sincere hope that the project will bring greater vitality and vitality to the city as a whole.”

The project is expected have a projected completion date of November.

The new hotel will be the first in Hoboke, which was formed after World War II.

It was one of four hotels in Hobaketo become part of the city.