Asheville hotel stays up with hot summer

Asheville hotel stays up with hot summer

Hot weather is starting to hit Asheville and the region, but the hotel industry is feeling the heat.

The city is still seeing a number of hotel closings as a result of the severe heat wave.

The city is reporting 10 hotel closments as of Friday, and the number is likely to climb as the summer wears on.

According to the city’s website, Asheville was forced to close 11 hotels due to a heat wave that lasted over a week, and more than 50 people were treated for heat-related illnesses in the city.

Those numbers are expected to continue rising as the heat wears on.

“Hotel occupancy has decreased across the city, but there’s no question that the situation is dire, said Jennifer Burchill, a spokeswoman for the Asheville Chamber of Commerce.

In some areas, the number of people staying in hotels has dropped from the previous year.

Burchil said the city plans to open four new hotels in 2018.

The Asheville Chamber has been working with the hoteliers to try to help them get through this heat wave, Burchis said.

The group has already raised more than $20,000 to help people and their families in the coming months.”

There are a lot of people who are being hurt and there are a few who are suffering because they have nowhere else to go,” Burchilli said.

She said the Asheville hotel industry has been hit hard by the city closing hotels and has been struggling to find ways to keep people and businesses open.

Hotel guests who have been displaced from other cities are being able to use a shelter to stay with friends and family.

But the city is telling them it’s closed its hotels because it’s not safe to do so.

The hotels are closing to allow people to move into other parts of the city to save money.

Burchill said that some of the hotels have already closed because they can’t find rooms, which can add up quickly.

She’s hoping the hotel owners will see this as an opportunity to reopen the hotels and help with their emergency relief efforts.

The hotel industry also has been forced to spend money on other relief efforts as a response to the heat wave and its impact on tourism.

Many businesses in the area have been forced out and there’s a shortage of supplies.

Booth is one of those businesses.

She said she and her team are planning to start running a restaurant at the hotel.

The owner said they’re hoping to open their first restaurant at a location near the hotel as soon as possible.

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