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The $10,000 price tag for the new Apple TV

The $10,000 price tag for the new Apple TV

8 Comments Apple announced today that it will begin selling the new version of the Apple TV, codenamed Palm Springs, to customers on November 16th.

The company says the new model will come with “over 1,000” apps and features, and will come bundled with iCloud, iTunes, and AirPlay, but it’s not clear whether these will include games or movies.

Apple has previously released a similar version of its streaming-TV service, the Apple Cinema Display, with a $99 price tag.

We’ll see what’s available from Amazon and the like, but the new service will be able to stream up to 20 hours of video per day.

The new AppleTV has been in development for more than a year, and Apple has said it has worked closely with Roku and Amazon to create the streaming-device.

It will also include an additional HDMI port, as well as an optional wireless module that lets you add an antenna for an external speaker or a USB cable to connect to an Apple TV.