How to stay safe and secure at Laguna Beach hotels

How to stay safe and secure at Laguna Beach hotels

A hotel security guard and his partner have been arrested in connection with a suspected armed robbery at a Laguna beach hotel, police said.

The arrest came two days after a gunman opened fire inside a Las Vegas hotel and the California State University police department responded, according to police in the state’s Central Valley.

Two suspects entered the Lake Tahoe hotel in the early morning hours of Oct. 25, according a police report released Monday by the Central Valley Police Department.

They demanded money from the hotel manager and two other employees before fleeing, the report said.

Police said one of the suspects was wearing a mask.

The other suspect had a mask on, but police did not specify which mask.

Both suspects were wearing dark clothing and were armed with guns, the police report said, adding that one of them “was also carrying a knife.”

The suspects took money and electronics from the manager’s office and fled the scene, according the report.

Police tracked the suspects and arrested them at a motel, the Central City Police Department said.

The suspects were taken to the Lake County Jail on suspicion of armed robbery.

The report did not say if the hotel was robbed, but the Lake City Police said the suspects were later identified.

The two suspects were identified as 23-year-old Andrew H. Goss of Laguna, Calif., and 22-year, Brian E. Gorman of Los Angeles.

They were arrested at their homes in Los Angeles, the Lake Councilman’s office said.

Goss has been arrested on a charge of armed criminal action and faces a possible sentence of up to life in prison.

Gorman, who has been charged with a variety of offenses including robbery, assault, burglary and domestic violence, was released from custody Monday.