Marriott Resorts to Virginias Beach Hotel Growth

Marriott Resorts to Virginias Beach Hotel Growth

Virginias beach hotels are a popular resort destination for many.

But they’ve faced a shortage of rooms and a growing demand for more rooms.

Marriott has announced it will build a hotel on the beach in 2019 that will house up to 4,500 rooms, but it will be only a small part of its expansion plans.

The company says the expansion will be part of a larger effort to help meet the needs of the resort community, and will be fully funded by the state.

The resort, which has a capacity of about 3,600 guests, has about 1,400 rooms in its three hotels.

Marriott is partnering with the Charlotte-based Virginias Development Corporation and other partners to create the new hotel, which will include a convention center, a spa and a food hall.

Marriott says it is adding a new pool and spa.

Virginias Beach will become the third Virginias resort and the third in North Carolina.