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The best of the best in Southern California hotels

The best of the best in Southern California hotels

I have to admit, the most pleasant and romantic hotel experience I have had in Southern CA was at a hotel in Aspen, CO.

 My hostel was a lovely and comfortable hotel, but the hotel was in an area that had a few problems.

In the morning, the sun was just starting to set, and there were a couple of people sitting on the porch, eating breakfast.

The sun had already set by the time I got to the lobby, and the view was amazing.

I sat down in one of the suites, and then looked out at the sea, where the blue sky was setting.

It was perfect, and I could see the mountains in the distance.

After breakfast, I took a short walk to the spa, which was a nice addition to the room, and had a spa massage in the morning.

On my last day in Aspens hotel, I had to drive to downtown Tucson, and meet my hostel friends for a dinner.

At dinner, my hostess told me about her recent trip to Aspen to take pictures and take a look at the sunsets.

She gave me a book that I had purchased to take with me, and showed me some of the beautiful sunset shots she had taken.

Aspen, CA is one of those places where you can see it from all angles, and you will never know where you are. 

If you are looking for an amazing place to visit in Southern Califias beautiful valley, check out the top hotels in Aspin, CO, or Tucson.