Why we don’t care about the new Grand Canyon hotels

Why we don’t care about the new Grand Canyon hotels


— With the sun rising in the morning, we headed back into the hotel parking lot.

We arrived a few minutes late, and it was still dark outside.

The only lights in the lobby were a few flickering bulbs.

After a few moments, a security guard asked us to step out.

“We have a guest, sir,” the guard said.

“Please let him in.”

We got up and went inside.

There was a woman, dressed in a bright blue, black, and white gown, with her arms folded in front of her.

Her face was completely covered in makeup.

She said her name was Katelynn Johnson and that she was visiting from California.

Johnson’s story was similar to mine: she said she was from Ohio and was on a two-week vacation.

I had been to the Grand Canyon before, and had seen the famous canyon in person, but never experienced it as a guest.

My initial thoughts were, this is just going to be an odd experience, Johnson said.

But the next morning, I had a second thought.

In her video, she was holding a bottle of sunscreen, but it was covered in oil.

When I asked her how she found the oil, she said it was because of the heat in the hotel lobby.

That was the first time I’d heard the term “oil” used about the Grand Carntains hotel.

Once I started to understand how much oil there was, it just made sense, Johnson explained.

It was the heat that was so bad, she told me, that made people turn away from the hotel and head to the ocean instead.

This hotel, I thought, is a tourist attraction, Johnson added.

A week earlier, I’d been at a hotel in Hawaii where people were spending $3,000 on a trip to the grand canyon.

And in that hotel, the water temperature in the water was about 10 degrees below zero, so even though the hotel was on the ocean, the temperature in their rooms was still very hot.

Then I had the thought that the hotel might be getting a lot of tourists.

So I asked Johnson how long it would take to get to the bottom of this.

Five minutes.

By that time, I was starting to get worried.

If there’s one thing I learned in my years of working in hotels, it’s that you can get in trouble.

They have a policy against making guests wait in line for two hours, even for people who are there for a vacation, Johnson told me.

Plus, they’re also not allowed to let people into their rooms who are on their own.

So the hotel didn’t want to make us wait, and she had to make it clear to us that there was a guest waiting for us.

I told her we would get a refund.

For five minutes.