What to expect at Philadelphias hottest restaurants and bars in 2018

What to expect at Philadelphias hottest restaurants and bars in 2018

IHG, the nation’s largest hotel operator, announced that it would open two brand new restaurants in the city of Philadelphia.

The first of these will open in September and will offer a $35,000 dinner and beverage package.

The second will open by the end of 2020.

The new restaurants will be the first of the brand new IHGs in the Philadelphia area.

The restaurants will feature dishes that IHGI says will be unique to the new restaurants.

It will offer an exclusive cocktail list that will include the signature IHGPHG Pizzeria, as well as a “hot dog-in-a-casserole” option.

IHG said the restaurants will open on the heels of a massive renovation of its restaurant and entertainment properties.

On Wednesday, IHGi said it had finalized the deal with the city to transform its existing restaurants into the new eateries.

In a statement, Mayor Jim Kenney said the IHGHs new restaurants “will be a new dynamic for Philadelphia that will allow us to bring our brand of fun and excitement to every corner of the city.”

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