Hunt: ‘This is a national disgrace’

Hunt: ‘This is a national disgrace’

Hunt says he has never before been subjected to such a public attack.

The Opposition Leader says he will fight his case before the court in front of a jury of his own.

“The allegations are utterly false and the facts are utterly clear that the Government’s actions are an assault on the rights of the Australian public,” he said.

“I am confident that a fair and impartial jury will reach a conclusion that the actions of the Government were in breach of the law.”

“It is clear to me that the State Government acted with deliberate indifference to the safety of the public and that its actions were an assault against the human rights of Australians,” he told reporters.

He says the Government has also broken a promise not to interfere in the judicial process.

“We are a democratic society, we are not a totalitarian country and this is a very, very sad and disgraceful case,” he added.

The Government has been in power for six years and won a hung parliament in 2017.

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