How to make the perfect hotel room

FourFour2 reviews hotel rooms are one of the most important aspects to any hotel.The key to a good hotel room is knowing exactly what you want in terms of decor, the right amount of space, and the right kind of furniture.Here are some tips for making your hotel room perfect.What you should know about hotel rooms Before you buy a […]

Dallas hotel workers protest over wage hike

DALLAS — The hotel workers of Downtown Dallas say they are planning to take strike action Thursday to protest a $20 wage increase for hotel clerks.The union representing hotel clerks says the increase to $20 an hour from $11 an hour will not go into effect until the end of March, and workers say they will take it out on […]

How to Buy a Big Bear Hotel in Las Vegas

How to Get a BigBear hotel in Las and make your stay a BigBeBear experience.Las Vegas has the most famous hotels in the world, but it is also one of the most affordable and unique.From the most expensive and iconic to the least, we’ve put together a list of the top and bottom deals in Las. We’ve looked at the best […]

Fort lauderdale Hotel is a “top” hotel destination for people wanting to “go back in time”

It’s a big, beautiful, and comfortable, but it’s also a big place to spend a lot of money.The Fort laudersdale Hotel is just one of many in Canada that’s become destinations for people seeking to “back in time,” or recreate a time period they think is important to their lives.And with so many places to visit, there’s always room to […]