Asheville hotel stays up with hot summer

Hot weather is starting to hit Asheville and the region, but the hotel industry is feeling the heat.The city is still seeing a number of hotel closings as a result of the severe heat wave.The city is reporting 10 hotel closments as of Friday, and the number is likely to climb as the summer wears on.According to the city’s website, […]

How to get a free hotel room in Chicago with Airbnb

Chicago hotels are being flooded with Airbnb guests and the city is scrambling to fix the problem.Here’s how to make it happen.Here are a few tips:When you book your hotel room on Airbnb, you can choose from a wide variety of accommodations to choose from.Here are a handful of popular options.Chicago hotels are full of Airbnb guests.There’s a big demand […]

How to save $30k in taxes by booking a hotel in a metro area

If you’re considering a move to the Nashville metro area, you may have already made a big investment.You may even have saved $30,000 or more.It depends on where you’re headed.The Nashville Marriott Hotel in downtown Nashville, for example, is currently listed as having a room rate of $149 per night.That means that for a single room, you’d save $90,000.You can […]