How to watch a show on Netflix without leaving home

When you sign up for a Netflix subscription, you agree to let the service track your location and track your movements around the globe, even if you don’t have a Netflix account.But the service’s terms of service may be a bit more restrictive when it comes to the privacy of the information it collects about you.Netflix’s terms say that it […]

How to find a cheap hotel near Philadelphia

Philadelphia has a long and rich history of hotels, and a long tradition of being the most popular tourist destination in the country.There are plenty of hotel options to choose from in the city, but a quick Google search will reveal plenty of room for improvement.One of the top reasons Philadelphia residents love visiting the city is because of its […]

Nantucket hotel,navy ship to arrive in New England

The Navy has said a New England-bound submarine is expected to arrive Monday in New York.The Navy said the Navy Seacraft SSG-7, which has a length of 1,500 feet and is powered by four diesel-electric engines, will dock at the New London Naval Shipyard in New Haven, Connecticut.A U.S. Coast Guard vessel is also scheduled to join the submarine.The Naval […]