When the world goes dark: The most dangerous places in the world in 2017

Monterey, California, is an island of tranquility.The ocean is calm.The trees are beautiful.There’s a place to lie down on a beach and watch the sunrise.But the resort is not safe.Here are the most dangerous cities in the U.S. to visit in 2017, according to data collected by travel-tracking website TripAdvisor.[More] [Image source: Shutterstock.com] If you have a tip about an article or […]

The best of Airbnb for the budget traveler

In the last few years, Airbnb has become an increasingly popular way to book a home for a bit of the day, or just a few days a year.The company now claims to have more than 8,000 hosts in the US, making it the most popular travel platform among people under 35.But for those looking to rent a home, you […]

Nantucket hotel,navy ship to arrive in New England

The Navy has said a New England-bound submarine is expected to arrive Monday in New York.The Navy said the Navy Seacraft SSG-7, which has a length of 1,500 feet and is powered by four diesel-electric engines, will dock at the New London Naval Shipyard in New Haven, Connecticut.A U.S. Coast Guard vessel is also scheduled to join the submarine.The Naval […]